While I was driving home after Germany won the world cup I saw so many people shouting, waving flags and honking in their cars.

And that just made me so happy that I cried.

Because for many many years Germans barely waved the flag, we felt like we weren’t allowed to be proud of being German because of the two World Wars.

And to see so many people so carefree and proud and just so so happy, it overwhelmed me and made me emotional.

And that’s another incredible memory this World Cup gave me.

World Cup Brazil 2014

Brazil was a great host beautiful country beautiful stadiums culture and people. It was a great World cup from start to finish!!


But can you guys imagine the kind of sex the German players will be having tonight

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Parabéns Alemanha! ⚽️👍 #worldcup #Germany #winner #soccer #campeã #futebol #igualdade #tolerância #respeito
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Buckingham Palace, St James’ Park, from London Eye


It’s crazy how much better one person can make you feel